Uruchomiono farmy wiatrowe Kastorf i Dargies zrealizowane przez WKN

Uruchomiono farmy wiatrowe Kastorf i Dargies zrealizowane przez WKN

Turnkey handover to the investor KGAL
After commissioning on schedule, the Husum-based WKN-Group handed over wind farms Kastorf (Germany) as well as Dargies (France) to the asset manager KGAL. KGAL has inserted wind farm Kastorf to the institutional fund ESPF 3 while the Dargies project has been yielded to a single account.

The Schleswig-Holstein project Kastorf in the district of Herzogtum-Lauenburg consists of five wind turbines of the Vestas type V112 each with an installed capacity of 3.075 megawatts. Two of the turbines have been erected at a hub height of 94 metres and the other three each at a hub height of 119 metres. The expected annual power production of the 15.4 megawatt farm amounts to approximately 42 million kilowatt hours. Thus, the wind farm developed by WKN will now provide environmentally friendly energy to about 12,000 households in Schleswig-Holstein.

The French Dargies wind farm with an overall output of 12 megawatts consisting of six Enercon E82-type turbines, each with 2.0 megawatts capacity and a hub height of 78 metres, is located in the Picardie region (North of France). The expected annual electricity production amounts about 30 gigawatt hours. The wind farm developed by WKN will provide more than 6,000 French households with green electricity.

KGAL has already acquired several wind farm projects in Germany and abroad from WKN AG. Dr Jürgen Dambrowski, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) comments „For the WKN Group, the consistency of the cooperation with KGAL is absolutely pleasing. Furthermore, we are happy about the speedy and punctual handover of our wind farms.”

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