Practical aspects


The use of agricultural land

The use of agricultural land

The locations of the wind turbines including crane pad areas, as well as the demarcation of roads and cable routes, are agreed jointly with the owner of the land. During the design phase the leased space can be further on used for agricultural purposes. After the construction of the wind farm only the built-up areas cannot be used for agriculture purposes.




The right distances should be kept from housing areas and other facilities, which should be considered based on the recommendations issued for noise emissions and shadow casting for wind turbines. Also in the wind park itself sufficient distances between the wind turbines should be kept as to avoid the creation of turbulences and interactions. Distances that need to be respected, limit the possibilities of space usage.

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a. 6 to 7 - times the rotor diameter.      b. 3 to 5 - times the rotor diameter.

Road Construction

Road Construction

When transporting the heavy components of the wind turbines the development of local roads takes place by applying sand and crushed stone resisiting weights of up to 12 tons on the axis. These roads after the installation of the wind farm can also be used for the agricultural communication. (beneath description of illustration)
a. network cable  
b. gravel       
c. geomembrane



To carry a large wind turbine a lot of adapted transports are required to carry large weights of non-standard lengths of over 60 meters and of width of over 5 meters. Therefore, you should define in advance suitable transport routes respecting every time a large turning radius on the curves. Due to excessive lengths of vehicles and their big weights such transports usually are held at night and are accompanied by police vehicles.

General information

General information

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1. Paved roads with a width of 5 m, with construction areas for the cranes placement: about 6,000 m²
2. Foundation about 20 x 20m
3. Rotor diameter from about 90 to 126 m


Legal aspects

(legal acts only available in Polish language) 


Act on the disclosure of information about the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and environmental impact assessments of 3 October 2008.

Council of Minsters Regulation on the types of projects likely to significantly affect the environment of 9 November 2010

Regulation of the Minister for Environment of the 1 October 2012 amending the regulation on permissible noise levels in the environment


Temporary guidlines on the assessment of the impact of wind turbines on bats version II from December 2009

pdfGuidelines for the assessment of wind farms on birds from 2008

Spatial planning:

Spatial Planning and Development Act of 27 March 2003

Agricultural land:

Act on the protection of agricultural and forest lands from the 3 February 1995

Energy law:

Energy Law from the 10 April 1997

RES law:

RES law from the 20 February 2015

If you whish to download the actual version of the above mentioned legal acts please refer to the Online Legal Acts System